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Get your driving skills into the world of Artificial Intelligence with Zumi!

With the advanced technology, humanity’s future might turn to the world of digital technologies with robotics and artificial intelligence that will greatly impact the future generations. Introducing programmable robots will allow children to learn...

Advance Your Kids’ Coding Skills Further with WhiteHat Jr

Do you want to involve your kids in coding? Or better, do you want to be part of something where coding together with your kids are possible? Yes it is possible with White hat...

The 10 Best STEM kits for Kids in 2021

Do you want to develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills with your kids? Skills that will not just prepare them for their future but also for them to have fun while learning....
Skeletal Tracking

An Introduction to Robolink’s Skeletal Tracking AI App

Identifying human movements from still images or video sequences is really challenging due to different problems like partial occlusion, lighting, blurred appearance, background clutter, etc. Many applications are being introduced these days to learn...

CoDrone Pro: Fly drones, build & program your controller

CoDrone Pro is a drone that teaches you how to code. It is the first ever programmable drone designed to teach you to do programming. It is an educational drone in the market that...

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