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Needs to know about ESSER Funding

There have been a lot of changes and adjustments when the Coronavirus pandemic hits the whole world. The education sector is one of the biggest divisions that was affected and the government did whatever...

CoDrone Lite: Coding with drones

CoDrone Lite is Robolink’s second version of CoDrone next to CoDrone Pro but without the buildable and programmable remote controller. This powerful educational tool teaches basic programming skills using visual dataflow programming that helps...

Road to Innovation with Galileo

Summer break is something kids are looking forward to every year because of certain activities that they can participate in. Due to the pandemic situation, a lot of outdoor activities are being cancelled or...
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) education for K-12 Schools

Artificial Learning is a challenging and exciting field of study and one that currently impacts our lives and more in the future as we enter the world of more advanced technology. The modern generation...

Get your driving skills into the world of Artificial Intelligence with Zumi!

With the advanced technology, humanity’s future might turn to the world of digital technologies with robotics and artificial intelligence that will greatly impact the future generations. Introducing programmable robots will allow children to learn...

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