Are you looking for a fun summer camp near you, an after school program or maybe a monthly virtual class that teaches coding for kids? Maybe a coding class with virtual games that would pump up your kids to get more interested in robotics learning? Get ready as Robolink has something awesome for you!

Introducing CoDronia

Robolink is so thrilled to give you something different that would help students understand where their kids are in their classes and what kinds of things they are learning. Introducing CoDronia!


CoDrone is a pack of islands where drones live. Each island has challenges to be solved through learning different coding concepts. Students in this journey will learn flight variables to land on platforms on one island. The next island, they’ll be given a chance to learn how to control the drone’s lights and create a rainbow with red, green and blue values. A different island will teach them how to program their keyboard to be their drone remote. All islands have their unique set of challenges to finish, and throughout their journey, they will be given a passport to see how they’re doing during the adventure.

The Passport and Lanyard

You’ll be provided with a passport and a lanyard at the start of your adventure. The passport will be used to keep track of your progress throughout your CoDronia journey. You’ll see different maps of CoDronia’s three regions there.

The lanyard will be for you to place the metallic badges that you’ll earn along your journey through CoDronia, when you’ve reached certain milestones and completed various challenges.


Earning Badges

The badges below will be earned from each milestone of your journey. They are well-designed with its metallic and sleek material to go neatly and attractively when pinned on your lanyard.


Achievement Stickers

Achievement stickers will be placed at the back of the passport. These are for optional challenges that you can try once you’ve met the requirements. For instance, after learning the flight commands, you can attempt to earn the “Perfect Landing” achievement by perfectly landing in a specific target. Or you can attempt to fly your drone through a hoop using a code if you’re more into basketball. You can also earn those stickers when you have a perfect attendance or when you bring a friend onto your team.

The Award Ceremony

To top it off, Robolink students who have earned badges or achievements will be given an award to be received during the virtual awarding ceremony at the end of each month. In the ceremony, students will be anointed with their newly earned badges and achievements and it’s their perfect chance to show off what they’ve accomplished to all attendees including instructors, parents and fellow students.

Takeoff to CoDronia starts in February! So, come and join this adventure now!

This journey is for Codrone Programming with CoDrone Mini – Blockly students. But if you are a fan of text-based coding, we are offering Python for kids. Robolink’s Virtual camp 2021 is on the go as well for aspiring programmers and coding enthusiasts who want a week-long camp — Afterschool Camp or for those who have spare time on weekends with our two-day camp — Weekend Camp.