The DJI Tello drone is the first-ever drone by Ryze Technology, a Shenzhen-based tech company, which was announced and launched in 2018. It has an onboard nose-mounted camera capable of capturing 5MP photos and streaming 720p HD video. This drone combines DJI flight technology and an Intel processor to create a budget camera drone that can teach newbies the basics of programming. It’s an excellent compact drone suitable for individuals seeking an affordable entry into both stunt flying and video recording, as well as those interested in acquiring skills in drone operation and coding.

But recently, over the DJI stores and shops online, the Tello drone, as well as the Tello Boost Combo, are both listed as sold out. This has been the same case since late last year. A spokesperson from DJI informed the public that the Tello series is presently available for purchase in the United States, and they remain committed to delivering technical assistance and after-sales support to customers. The company has dedicated efforts to offer drone products catering to diverse user requirements globally. DJI plans to introduce new products that are user-friendly, accessible, and designed to meet the needs of entry-level users and educational purposes. However, the indication from DJI that it’s available for sale but not actively in production doesn’t inspire confidence in the likelihood of additional units being manufactured.

While the mention of a new product by the DJI spokesperson doesn’t rule out the possibility, there remains hope for individuals in search of an outstanding yet affordable STEM drone, even if the Tello drone has indeed been discontinued.

A notable alternative to the Tello, especially suitable for STEM classrooms, is the Robolink CoDrone EDU Programmable Coding STEM Educational Drone Kit. Tailored for children aged 8 and above, it also proves to be an excellent choice for adults delving into coding. The CoDrone EDU serves as an educational drone designed for programming. Whether you choose to code in Python or begin with block-based coding, its features include color sensors, a front range sensor, a bottom range sensor, and more, providing an effective platform for coding education. The drone’s durable and secure frame, programmable lights, and access to 7 sensors make it an outstanding learning tool, ideal for acquiring coding and engineering skills both in classroom settings and for competitions. Through the user-friendly Blockly programming language, you can instruct the drone to execute flight patterns or flips, while also gaining control over the lights through code.

Robolink’s most recent and advanced drone is the CoDrone EDU, representing a significant advancement from their CoDrone Pro released in 2016. They proudly endorse it as the successor to the CoDrone Pro. With CoDrone EDU, discover an exciting alternative that is sure to delight you with its array of enhanced features, providing a delightful surprise.