Artificial Intelligence

Sphero indi

Get early learners hooked on programming with Sphero indi

With the recent situation, kids are staying more at home with their gadgets, watching on YouTube, playing games alone or with their siblings. It is more challenging to get them to learn at home...

Experience AI with Robolink Facial Expression Recognition App

What is Facial Recognition Algorithms? In the past years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and teachable machine alternative have become the major way of automatically extracting information like facial recognition technology. This technology applies the science of...
Object detection

Deep Learning with Robolink Object Detection App

Have you ever seen an object or anything you don’t know or can’t even figure out? Are you curious to know and find out about it? Deep learning-based object detection is a computer technology...
Face Mask Detection App

Getting Started with Mask Detection App

During the last few years, we’ve seen quite an increase in the number of apps powered by different image detection technologies introduced by different companies on the market. One of the latest developments these...
Skeletal Tracking

An Introduction to Robolink’s Skeletal Tracking AI App

Identifying human movements from still images or video sequences is really challenging due to different problems like partial occlusion, lighting, blurred appearance, background clutter, etc. Many applications are being introduced these days to learn...
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