What is Facial Recognition Algorithms?

In the past years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and teachable machine alternative have become the major way of automatically extracting information like facial recognition technology. This technology applies the science of biometrics to a person’s facial features. Facial recognition algorithms create a biometric template by detecting feature points of human faces, including location of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and jawline. 


You may watch this kind of technology from scenes on films and TV shows where FBI agents use facial recognition technology to search for criminals and help with investigations. They can match a recently taken photo or video against a database of existing photos to help identify risky faces.


Robolink Facial Expression Recognition App

Now, you can experience facial recognition technology yourself – introducing Robolink’s AI web app that recognizes your own facial expression (try the free trial here – https://www.robolink.com/facial-expression-recognition/). This is a no-code AI platform that lets you recognize facial expressions or emotions such as happy, angry, sad, fearful and disgusted. All you need is a webcam from a computer/laptop to identify your face, click the start button and you’re all set! You can see the percentage on the side based on the facial expressions detected from the image or video presented.  

Facial Expression Recognition App
Facial Expression Recognition App sample

Who can learn Artificial Intelligence?

Absolutely everyone. This technology can be taught to everyone who wants to learn AI technology. Learn AI for free with Robolink’s intro class and explore how to learn an Artificial Intelligence application and code programming with some of the widely used programming languages such as AI programming with Python and C++. Now that’s an amazing experience with Artificial Intelligence! This could be a start of your road map for Artificial Intelligence learning and development.