Looking for the best gifts for your kids who are interested in coding and programming? Are you fond of flying drones or want to explore the world of AI? Robolink got you covered! Amazon featured two of their main products, Zumi and CoDrone Mini, in their Holiday Gift Guide program this 2021. These are great gifts not just to your kids but also to friends and family.

CoDrone Mini

CoDrone Mini is the latest version of Robolink’s CoDrone series. It is a mini drone, pretty small with its 80 mm x 80 mm dimension and weighs 20 grams, but stable based on the reviews from its users. The drone is programmable with both Blockly, a block-based coding, and Python, a text-based coding. Robolink increased its durability so with a few bumps, it would still work fine, which is perfect for beginners. This is a great way to introduce your kid to the coding world. 

The CoDrone Mini is not just a toy but also an educational tool that comes along with free tutorial lessons and videos that will make it easier for kids to learn and maximize the full potential of the drone. Their Basecamp site gives you fun drone coding projects.

Use code to make the CoDrone Mini zip around, flash colors, do flips, and even grab sensor readings.

It’s affordable if you are looking for a gift less than a hundred bucks as it only costs $89.99.

Amazon recommended it as a gift for kids and a gift for teens.


Zumi is considered the first educational self-driving car kit that explores the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is good for teens, recommended to Grades 6-12. Zumi comes disassembled and can be disassembled if needed.

As the world has begun exploring the world of AI, Zumi is the best way to get the kids to learn about it. You can teach Zumi to recognize colors, learn gestures, recognize faces, and more! Zumi is programmable in Blockly or Python same as the CoDrone Mini. With Zumi Blockly, you can use block-based coding to get Zumi to learn the environment while Zumi Python can be used if you’re more into text-based coding.

Get a bunch of free tutorial lessons and videos from their Basecamp site for Zumi here.

Amazon recommended it as a gift for teens.

Zumi can constantly learn by training her to navigate an environment. See the video below to explore her features such as calculate the optimal route to a destination, identify objects and make decisions accordingly, can recognize when you smile or frown, can be controlled with hand gestures, and train to recognize friends and family.