Learning how to use a drone is very common in schools nowadays, because it can be useful in STEM learning. Drones are something you should want your children to play with, as they’ll teach them valuable skills. They develop their knowledge of engineering and learn how to think like engineers, not to mention the critical thinking skills they will develop which they can use when they grow up.

Incorporating Drones into STEM Education

So what’s the best drone for kids on the market today? We list down some of the best drones that are kid-friendly and can be used in schools:

CoDrone EDU

CoDrone EDU is a programmable drone designed for learning. It is an excellent way to learn 21st-century technical skills with its programmable lights, flight patterns, and access to 7 sensors. It has a stable connection with its 2.4 GHz RF communication with a 50-meter range. The company uses RF for better stability in the classroom. It also comes with a remote controller so it’s ready to fly right out of the box!

CoDrone EDU is the official drone for the Aerial Drone Competition held by the REC Foundation!


Tello is a small drone with an onboard nose-mounted camera capable of capturing 5MP photos and streaming 720p HD video. It is a lightweight and affordable quadcopter, perfect for flying indoors ideally suited to newcomers to the hobby. It’s easy to set up, just download the app from the app store, power up and you’re ready to fly. It’s that simple!

PCS Edventures’ Discover Drones

PCS Edventures’ Discover Drones truly delivers a multi-faceted student experience. The kit is a completely turnkey product. RubiQ, PCS edventures’ proprietary education drone, is designed and manufactured in-house to create a kit and curriculum combo that works perfectly hand-in-hand. RubiQ was built on an open-source platform and is both reusable and durable, so each drone can be used for many different classes and requires very little part replacement. RubiQ has a variety of flight modes, making it safe and easy for beginners to learn. Additional safety features include return-to-home, GPS lock, and auto-level functionality.

CoDrone Mini

CoDrone Mini is a miniature programmable drone at a much more affordable price. With its smaller propellers, the ability to flip, rounded frame, and lighter form factor, this drone is suitable for younger audiences who are interested in getting into programming with drones. It’s also a great starter drone. CoDrone Mini is for younger audiences. It is small and has a durable build. Lessons and tutorials can be accessed for free through Robolink’s learning site. You can fly it around and make it do acrobatics with the remote, with block coding using Blockly for CoDrone, or with text-based coding using Python.

Drones are incredibly fun! But they can also be used as an educational toys to encourage STEM learning. This is very common nowadays, especially in schools that are great advocates of this kind of learning. Make your kids ready for the 21st century while having fun.