Have you seen your kid playing a Minecraft game online? Did you know that you can engage your children in learning how to build this game by teaching kids coding language through a variety of online courses which are popular nowadays? CodaKid is something you’re looking for! CodaKid is an award-winning kids online coding school dedicated to teaching kids how to code. They offer a series of online courses and classes that teach kids coding with game design. Coding for kids is made easy using on-demand and real life programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, C# and more. They combine coding lessons with activities that kids love to play like video games and online apps.

CodaKid offers free trial class and a full money-back guarantee if you want to cancel after the first two sessions. They offer two kinds of subscriptions – monthly & yearly. Monthly plan costs at $25/month while yearly plan offers $299/year.

CodaKid teaches kids through a self-paced coding system. The students are given access to a variety of tutorial videos that are hosted on their servers that look like YouTube-like videos so that kids can familiarly relate to them. A lively, energetic host explains a topic to its viewers by showing them coding with actions displayed on the screen real time. Some parents admired the hosts as they were really connecting with their kids by explaining coding very well and at the same time making them laugh. Even kid ages 8 years old and below can actively relate to the host and can get started with coding quickly because of the way they explain the coding topics easily.

One popular game for kids online like Minecraft has been used as backdrops to some of their online lessons – this means that a topic to be discussed can be about Minecraft house ideas or how to create cool Minecraft houses or even just the basic Minecraft house. They also have engaging video tutorials where they discuss Minecraft building ideas and Minecraft mods explaining those Mod creation essentials which include topics like How to make Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Potions. They even have tutorials Minecraft Forge where students design their very own customer sword and customize it with awesome powers using Java Programming – all of these and more are found in their website under gamepdia (Minecraft wiki) where they have links to Minecraft building tutorials and other helpful information about Minecraft gaming. These lessons are super fun for kids and even allow them to be engaged in building their very own favorite game! To learn more, visit their website: https://codakid.com/