Virtual Learning


Great Virtual Camp Journey for students: CODRONIA

Are you looking for a fun summer camp near you, an after school program or maybe a monthly virtual class that teaches coding for kids? Maybe a coding class with virtual games that would...
iD Tech

Learn Virtually with the World Leader in Tech Education — iD Tech!

Are video games good for you? A question that arises mostly with parents who have children that are so passionate about video games. Believe it or not, video games are good for both your...

Educational Companies for Providing Hands-on Experience to Make STEM Fun and Enjoyable for Kids

Kids begin their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as early as 5 years old when they learn to play with their toys and explore things like how they are made, how they...

Advance Your Kids’ Coding Skills Further with WhiteHat Jr

Do you want to involve your kids in coding? Or better, do you want to be part of something where coding together with your kids are possible? Yes it is possible with White hat...
3D modelling & animation academy - DMA

Explore the world of Digital Media and Animation!

Have you ever felt completely inspired after creating your own animated movie? Are you into computer animation? How does 3d video game model maker sound? Seems like a great deal to let your kids spend...
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