Aerial Drone competition teams will have the opportunity to show off their piloting, programming, teamwork and communication skills through this drone competition event by REC Foundation (Robotics Education & Competition Foundation).

Aerial Drone Competition Matches

The competition is basically played on a 24’x24’ square field. There are two ways to compete in this Aerial Drone Competition namely Piloting Teamwork Matches and Autonomous Flight Skills Matches.

In Piloting Teamwork matches, the two alliances, one red and one blue, made up of 2 teams each, will compete against each other in two minutes. The goal is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance through different ways: clearing your starting lanes (10 pts), owning goals (10 pts), getting 1 white ball in a goal (11 pts), landing drones such as a landing pad of their own alliance color (5 pts) or landing in their alliance blackout zone, where teams can only enter during the last 45 seconds of the match and must fly through both keyhole gates first (15-40 pts).

On the other hand, the Autonomous Flight Skills matches gives each team 60 seconds of autonomous drone operation to score points where no pilots are allowed which means all drone commands should be pre-coded by the team.

Game Manual and Team Registration

For the official games rules for Aerial Drone Competition Mission 2023: Blackout, please see the Aerial Drone Competition Game Manual found at

Register your team by finding events near you or visit

This Aerial Drone Competition focuses on hands-on, student-centered learning where teams learn about drones, flight principles, programming, documentation and communication skills which is critical especially to get higher points in some matches. It helps the team expand their knowledge and understanding about drones.

You may order your official drone, CoDrone EDU, at Competition Fields and Game Elements can be purchased from Drone Competition Gates

Important dates:

September 20, 2022: Game Reveal

October-March: Qualifying Competitions

April-June: Championship Events